Here at James M Anderson we are looking to offer a wider range of renewable products to our customers. Ranging from solar and wind powered street lighting to solar powered bollards, we hope that whatever your needs are, we are able to meet them. If you have an enquiry about a specific type of product that is not listed below please get in touch with us and we will try and work out a solution.

We are currently working in conjunction with Zeta Specialist Lighting to supply a full range of Solar products.

SolisPOLE - Standalone solar powered column.

Solar LED Brick - Solar powered LED brick.

Solar Paddle - Solar power extention.

Flexible PV Panels - Flexible photovoltaic panels.

ECOLux Solar - LED trough lighting system.

The StopLIGHT - Solar powered bus stop light.

6W Solar Light - 6W wall mounted solar light.

Glass Framed PV Panels - Glass framed photovoltaic panels.

LED Road Sign - Solar/mains powered a LED Road sign.

Lighting Arm - Solar/mains powered signlight.

    Other Solar Products

SolarEye - Solar powered LED path light.

Solispost - Solar powered LED bollard.

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