Non Illuminated Bollards

Pudsey Diamond Flexaboll

Quick-release Non-illuminated Bollard

Retro-reflective self righting quick-release bollard, saving you time and money.

Rigid - Rigid moulding protects the reflective panels from cracking and delaminating on vehicle impact.
Double Aspect - Reflective panels can be fitted each side of the bollard.
Standards Complient - BS 8442:2015 compliant.
Retro-Reflective Panels - Excellent visibility day or night.
Reliable - Moulded from highly durable and exceptionally strong grade of polyethylene.
Reduced Replacement Costs - Quick and easy replacement of bollard top via a single attachment bolt.
Consistency - Sits alongside the Pudsey Diamond range of illuminated and reflective bollards to give a uniform street scene
Low Maintenence - Smooth finish allows for easy cleaning.
Colours - Mouldings available in either black or white.
Recessed Panels - Added protection against vandalism and weathering.
Recyclable - Constructed from recyclable materials.

Pudsey Diamond Flexaboll

Sign Post Solutions SPS 3Sixty

Reflective Bollard

SPS 3Sixty has been designed by a team of experts from the plastic and rubber industry with help and assistance from SPS personnel who have over ten years experience in reflective bollard technology.

• Robust construction due to internally moulded
  reinforcement struts.
• The frame of the 3Sixty bollard will not compress thus preventing
  the rigid reflective material from creasing and cracking.
• Impact and weather resistant synthetic rubber compound
  incorporating a 3mm moulded in steel base plate
  for added strength
  delivers a high level of vandal resistance.
• Following impact or vandal rotation the rubber base will always
  return to its correct orientation.
• No springs or mechanical parts.
• 3Sixty will absorb impacts from any direction.
• An ultra low profile base is designed to miss low ground clearance
  vehicles which are often the cause of premature failure.
• Fluorescent yellow reflective materials provide high visibility night
  and day.
• Side reflectors are angled for additional conspicuity from the front
  and rear; they are particularly effective for vehicles turning into
  junctions which ordinarily would not catch the reflective panels
  on the bollard.
• All graphics are recessed.
• The recycled logo is moulded into the bollard shell to ensure end
  of life ‘recyclability’ advice.
• A production date stamp is also moulded in to every
  bollard to assist batch recognition and tracking.
• 3Sixty is easy to install by anchor cage but can also be
  fitted in to a NAL socket, retrofitted to redundant baselight
  housings and will fit
  directly on to a number of current reflective bollard footprints.
• Rear reflective panels are standard with 3Sixty – no extra over
  required. The rear panels are designed for visibility either side of a
  centre island column to avoid unnecessary wastage.
• 3Sixty has been value engineered to produce a highly competitive
  price without reducing quality standards.
• For optimum panel definition the bollard is standard in black but
  white is available upon request.
• Easy to clean (no chemicals required) and virtually
  maintenance free

SPS 3Sixty Bollard

Pudsey Visaboll

Retro-Reflective Self Righting Bollard

Key Features of the Visaboll
• Stylish modern design to complement the street
  scene environment
• Profiled to reduce dirt build up on graphics
• Rotomoulded with flexible stem designed to extend life of graphics on impact
• No mechanical parts as unique moulding design
• Designed to prevent panel edge discolouration
• Available in a choice of colours and signage
• Easy to fit, clean amd replace
• Choice of fixings to suit all applications
• Manufactured from Flexipol 85™
• Suppled with set of fixings: 4 off M10 screws,
  compression tubes, domed and spread washers
• Conforms to BS 8442:2006 section 14
  ( Retroflective self-righting bollards)
• Passed BS EN 12767-2:2007 to 100/NE4
  passive safety performance standard

Pudsey Visaboll Bollard

Simmonsigns Weebol

Reflective Bolard

The Weebol is a tough, stylish, reboundable reflective highway traffic delineator for vulnerable, approved locations.  The Weebol is tough, using a unique, patented return system the Weebol has no mechanical moving parts to fail. Moulded features provide enhanced protection for the reflective panels helping them last longer. Available in white as standard for outstanding day and night visibility. Black body also available

• Tough one piece moulded construction.
• Rebated panels for added protection. 
• No mechanical components to go wrong.
• Easy replacement should it be necessary.
• Quick recovery.
• Anti twist design.
• Fully recyclable body materials.
• Optional fixing systems.

Simmonsigns Weebol Bollard

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